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Do you want to get customers to your website that are looking to buy what you have to sell?

It's much easier to sell your products and services on your website if, 1. you are actually getting people to your website, and 2. they are looking to buy what you have to sell. Wouldn't you agree?

Google Qualitifed IndividualLuckily there is a solution to this problem, and millions of businesses around the world are using it. It's a service offered by Google (you've heard of them haven't you?) called Adwords. When you do a google search, you will notice that there are sponsored listings at the very top and on the left hand side.

What about if I threw in $130 in advertising credit?

Because I have lots of experience in the Adwords system, I was invited by Google to become a Adwords Qualified Individual. By taking a special exam and meeting other criteria, I became qualified, and this means, not only can I create an Adwords campaign that will deliver highly qualified customers to your website at low cost, but I can also give you $130 in advertising credit for getting started.

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